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According to WTO Statistics Report, Iran was ranked 35 in leading exporters in world merchandise trade in 2008. With $113.4 billion (including oil exports) Iran’s exports constitutes 0.7% 0f world’s total exports. With 28% annual growth, Iran became 35th leading exporter of world in 2008.
In addition, Iran’s imports in 2008 was $57.4 billion, constituting 0.4% of world’s total imports. With 28% annual growth, Iran was ranked 48th in leading importers of world in 2008.



At 2006 Iran’s total imports was $49,292 million and total exports at $75,537 million. Iran’s main export is oil which includes more than 85% of Iran’s total exports. In order to diversify its economy and become less dependent on oil sector, the government is opening selected key sectors to foreign investors but the progress has been slow.
According to statistics, during 1997-2000 non-oil exports consist mainly of consumer goods (55 percent on average), followed by raw materials and intermediate goods (about 38 percent).