Iran's Difficulties in Accession to WTO
  • Harmonization with International Standards   ( 1 Article )

    Experience shows that in the way of accession, the acceding country face with lots of difficulties and obstacles. These difficulties first would be mainly in the harmonization of national standards with international standards and the modification of rules, laws and regulations. The main part of this task should be done before the completion of accession process. Therefore, the country which does not put its rules and regulations in to conformity with WTO standards should not be allowed to enter the multilateral trade forum.

    These standards are:

    • Transparency Standards
    • Intellectual Property Standards
    • Trade Facilitation Standards
    • Non-discrimination Standards
    • Subsidization Standards


  • Inefficient Industries   ( 1 Article )

    One of the important category of problems are to get ready the export-competitive and mainly the import-competitive industries for the day after the accession has occurred. This category of difficulties mainly includes the adjustment of inefficient sectors of national economies. These difficulties would be important from this point of view that liberalization of goods and services market which leads to elimination of inefficient industries surely triggers internal resistance leading to powerful lobbing groups doing their best to at least delay the process.These internal problems and difficulties highlights the importance of a clear plan which the responsible organs of this process should have in their hands.

    The number of inefficient industries in Iran’s economy which seems could not compete in a competitive environment are not few. These industries which enjoy a powerful position in Iran’s political and economic structure would be a real obstacle in this process. In this part we want to discuss the impacts of accession to WTO on Iran’s import-competing industries and the solutions that how could Iran’s government find its way to overcome these problems.

  • External Difficulties   ( 1 Article )