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Accession to World Trade Organization is a long process which takes years and even decades to be fulfilled. However, all those who are involved on this issue agree that the Iran’s accession to World Trade Organization has been the most slowly one.
Despite the fact that Iran had been among countries which had signed Havana Charter at its first stage and its observer status in General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the accession of Iran to World Trade Organization has been lasted till now. Although this has been resulted from some internal economic difficulties and also external political pressures, it indicates a great loss for both Iran and world economy. There have been lots of economic and trade opportunities that by seizing them Iran could have better introduced its goods and services in global markets and in return there have been lot’s of lost comparative advantages and economic opportunities that global economy could benefited. Looking at the countries outside the WTO club shows that after Russia, Iran is the biggest economy outside the multilateral trade forum and by completion of Russia’s accession process in near future, Iran would be the biggest economy which has not find its way to WTO.
This would also be a challenge for World Trade Organization. With over 75 million populations, a fairly big economy, situating at the transit of region and with lots of comparative advantages, it would be enough for WTO to not be presented as a real global forum. Considering the well-known slogan of WTO Public Forum 2009 which invoked global governance for dealing with global problems, the mere fact that Iran has not been a member of multilateral trade forum would be a challenge for it.